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The Bicentennial Mall in Nashville, Tennessee. The State Capitol building is in the center background.

The York Store at Pall Mall, TN. The original York Store opened in 1926 and served as a general store for the Wolf River/Pall Mall area. Its sign proudly proclaimed: "Alvin C. York & Sons, General Merchandise."

As often happened in small communities, the store served as a gathering place, which was depicted in the 1941 film 'Sergeant York.'

The adjacent grist mill (pictured) was operated by Alvin York's brother, Robert.

In April 2000, the General Store re-opened with thanks to the work of many dedicated individuals and the Sergeant York Patriotic Foundation.

The York Foundation is committed to four principles:

1. Preserving the many treasured memories of the life of Sergeant Alvin C.York, a Tennessean who emerged from WW1 as the country's most acclaimed hero, a distinction that continues today.

2. Assisting with improvements to the York home and farm. (open to visitors)

3. Acquiring, preserving, displaying and interpreting the personal property of Sgt. York and his family.

4. Providing for ongoing research into the life and times of the legendary military hero.

The above information has been taken from 'Sgt. York Says'. The Official Publication of the Sgt. York Patriotic Foundation, Vol1 No.1 Winter 2000.


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